Okuma MULTUS B200II Cx750

CNC turn-/mill center (Demo machine)

The Okuma MULTUS BII series machines are general purpose multi-function CNC lathes that are designed to reduce set-up time by virtually eliminating repetitive fixturing to improve accuracy and keep non-cutting time to a minimum.                                                 

Product code92-000385
Manufacturer Okuma
ModelMULTUS B200II Cx750
TypeCNC turn-/mill center
ConditionDemo machine
Year of manuf.2019

Technical Data

Speed (max.) 5,000 rpm
Power (max.) 22 kW
Torque (max.) 350 Nm
Spindle nose JIS A2-6
Movement X 500 mm
Movement Y 160
Movement Z 800 mm
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z 40 / 26 / 40 m/min
Spindle bearing (max.) 80 mm
Turning diameter (max.) 600 mm
Motor main spindle motor spindle
Speed (max.) 12.000 rpm
Power (max.) 12 kW
Torque (max.) 40,1 Nm
ATC Capto C6
Tool magazine 60 Stationen
Chip management Chip conveyor
Tool measurement Tool eye
Warranty 3 Years for Spindle


  • Y-Axis
  • Chip conveyor
  • Coolant supply
  • Tailstock (automatic)
  • B-axis
  • Tool measurement
  • high pressure coolant