Seminars and events

Always up to date - our events programme

Many years' experience and specialist expertise are important factors if you are to achieve success in the market-place. The knowledge of which technologies will propel us into the future as well as where to go for on-going training is becoming increasingly important, particularly in a time of ever-accelerating structural change.

Our partners use seminars and training courses to update you with the latest technological developments and current market trends. Subject-specific training courses also enable you to take a more detailed look at products and technologies. Our annual Open House Days are a particular highlight. Over 40 exhibitors from the widest possible range of technologies provide a fascinating overview of current and future developments. The event also offers outstanding opportunities to exchange experiences and extend your network.

This is where theory and practice come together in a logical combination

  • Lectures in seminar rooms with all the latest equipment
  • Practical demonstrations on the machine
  • Advanced technical skills from outstandingly trained specialists

Informative and topical content:

  • Presentation of new manufacturing technologies e.g. 3D printing
  • CAD/CAM and control training sessions
  • Lectures on digitalisation solutions in manufacturing