“See the Future, Be the Future” – this is how EMCO GmbH, which was founded in Hallein in the Austrian state of Salzburg in 1947, summarises its corporate philosophy. The Austrian mechanical engineering company, which currently has 800 employees, has used its advanced technology and comprehensive know-how to expand its portfolio from being a manufacturer of standard machines to become a provider of complex, turnkey solutions and today is a well-established fixture in the machine tool industry. Learn all about EMCO GmbH and the range of EMCO machines.

EMCO GmbH: Lathes and milling machines from the heart of Europe

The Austrian mechanical engineering company’s product range extends from universal CNC lathes and CNC milling machines for single-item and small batch production, and fully automatic manufacturing cells for medium-scale and large-scale production through to gantry and travelling column machines for machining large parts.

In addition, EMCO also offers a wide array of conventional lathes and milling machines for training. This allows EMCO to cater for all sorts of different requirements and sizes of workpieces with technologically smart solutions.

EMCO lathes – half a century of experience

When it comes to turning, EMCO has a long and successful history. This is sustained by the constant drive to use the experience we have to develop innovations. A lot has changed since the first conventional EMCO lathe was marketed in 1950. EMCO has been able to set turning milestones with a series of developments: Following cycle control in the 1960s, CNC came along in the mid-1970s. This was followed by integrated milling functions, turrets, more and more axes, counter spindles and completely new possibilities for the size and complexity of the components to be machined.

Nowadays intelligent and automated turning solutions have replaced the previous steps, which were often manual and laborious. In the digital age, the requirements for precision and productivity have increased enormously and are optimally satisfied by EMCONNECT.

EMCO milling machines – as individual as your requirements

Milling is all about precision and speed. Customers from lots of different industries and with specific requirements placed on the individual benefits of the various milling solutions rely on EMCO.
The range of applications is impressive and extends from the traditional contract manufacturer using many different materials, mould construction with resin in the automotive industry, titanium structures in the aerospace industry to drive components for wind turbines. In each case, the high-performance machining centres combine state-of-the-art technology with customised solutions and perfect EMCO service.

Used EMCO machines at the CNC Outlet Center

At the CNC Outlet Center you will find used machines from EMCO GmbH, from a lathe to a vertical machining centre.

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