YOUR LEAD IN PRODUCTION – This is what we promise our customers. For over 50 years, we have been manufacturing our tool holders exclusively in Bodelshausen, about 50 km south of Stuttgart. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of tool holding systems and enjoy an excellent reputation being the “µ-maker“. Precision, innovation, reliability and solution orientation are our assets. The high quality level of our products ensures their durability and thus an excellent price-performance ratio, so that you, our customers, produce more efficiently in the long term.

Schüssler tool holders are always the best choice! This is why we manufacture products in top quality for more precision and less costs. By investing in a high-quality tool interface you achieve enormous savings potential:
  • Increased tool life
  • Improved machining process
  • Extended life of spindle

See for yourself:

  "Noname" "SCHÜSSLER"
Product HSK-A63 ER-Collet chuck with standard collet, clamping diameter Ø 16 mm Precision-ER-Collet chick with high performance nut and with precision collet, clamping diameter Ø 16 mm
Price 85,- € 130,- €
Working life 5 years 5 years
Tool costs:
            (solid carbide endmill, coated, Ø 16 mm)
130,- € / piece 130,- € / piece
Tool consumption 2 endmills per week ≙ 96 mills per year 10% of service life improvement:
            1,8 endmills per week ≙ 86 mills per year
Tool cost per year 12.480,- € 11.180,- €
Tool cost in 5 years 62.400,- € 55.900,- €
Savings   6.500,- € (for 45,- € additional costs)
Possible tool cost savings: per used Schüssler tool holder during a working life of 5 years.


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Schüssler HSK-A 63 Grundausrüstung


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