With its INDEX and TRAUB brands, the INDEX Group is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC turning machines. The Corporate Group in Esslingen has 80 sites worldwide with six production sites and six international sales and service companies as well as an extensive retailer network. The particular strength of the INDEX Group lies in the development of the best production solution for each customer. With its INDEX and TRAUB brands, the Group offers the largest program for complete machining of turned parts, both for series and single-item production.

INDEX-Werke: CNC lathes from INDEX and TRAUB

INDEX-Werke with the two INDEX and TRAUB brands enjoy an excellent reputation when it comes to quality and innovation – and rightly so: What began in 1914 with the development of automatic turret lathes, was expanded further in the 1970s with the sale of multi-spindle turning machines and continued a few years later with the adoption of CNC technology paved the way to establishing INDEX-Werke as a major player today. Since 1997, TRAUB Drehmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG has formed part of the INDEX Group and was integrated into a company which is renowned around the world for precision, reliability and trust.

In our range at the CNC Outlet Center, you will from time to time find turning machines from the INDEX brand or TRAUB lathes. Occasionally CNC lathes from both brands will be available from us at the same time. As well as new machines, we also offer the opportunity to purchase refurbished machines.

INDEX TRAUB: Two strong brands under one umbrella

Two brands that guarantee quality: The CNC turning machines of the INDEX and TRAUB brands are used for tooling and prototyping and for medium and large batch production. They operate precisely and reliably and can be used in lots of different ways in the

following sectors:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive industry incl. suppliers
  • Medical engineering
  • instruments and fluid technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Optics and precision engineering
  • Aerospace
  • And many more

INDEX and TRAUB also offers individual and persuasive solutions when it comes to materials which are difficult to machine. If you are interested in a CNC lathe from INDEX or TRAUB, you should be aware of the benefits.

INDEX and TRAUB: Manufacturing solutions from one source

Shorter throughput times, higher precision and even better quality along with lower production costs: Technical development plays a key role for INDEX-Werke. For example, multi-functional production centres from INDEX can be integrated into various process technologies and boost the competitiveness of many companies around the world. For INDEX-Werke, offering the optimum manufacturing solution to you as the customer is the top priority.

Thanks to the option for complete machining of turned parts by the CNC turning machines from INDEX and TRAUB, they are used for producing both batches and single items. Highly precise and geometrically challenging workpieces can reliably be produced by the INDEX and TRAUB turning machines with the right manufacturing strategy. At INDEX-Werke everything comes from one source – another benefit for you.

CNC lathes made in Germany: INDEX TRAUB

INDEX-Werke offers quality from Germany as a production location. Important core components are produced on the company’s own turn/mill centres and lathes. Each machine from INDEX and TRAUB is built by highly qualified and well-trained employees with the utmost care and attention to detail. As a pioneer for CNC technology, INDEX-Werke relies with its INDEX and TRAUB brands on flexible manufacturing strategies and to do this offers you technologically outstanding, high-quality products when it comes to CNC lathes.

Refit: Refurbished CNC lathes from INDEX and TRAUB

With the refurbished machines from INDEX and TRAUB, the assemblies are completely dismantled, cleaned and given a new paint finish if required. When the refurbished machines are modernised, guiding elements, consumable parts, sensors and cables in the machine compartment and fluid-carrying lines are replaced. Just like all other modernisation work, the refurbishment of work spindles and milling spindles with proven manufacturer quality and the replacement of the control technology are carried out by highly qualified and experienced engineering staff. The refurbished INDEX lathes or TRAUB turning machines work just like a new machine.

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CNC lathe

Condition: New machine
Control: Siemens 840 Dsl


CNC lathe

Condition: Demo machine
Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840D


CNC swiss type lathe

Condition: New machine
Control: Traub TX8i-s V8


CNC lathe

Condition: New machine
Control: Traub TX8i-s V8


CNC lathe

Condition: Used machine
Control: Mitsubishi TX8i-S