EMAG is the global market leader for vertical pick-up turning machines. These vertical lathes are ideal for manufacturing large batch sizes of chucked and shaft components. Additionally, integrated automation technology ensures the high productivity of EMAG CNC machines.

Pick-Up Turning Machines for Chucked Components up to 400 mm in Diameter

A stable machine structure, dynamic axes and ease of operation - these are the outstanding features of the VL series vertical turning machines. The automation system integrated into the turning machines guarantees rapid processing, while the stable basic structure of the machine ensures top quality in turning and milling. The vertical design likewise contributes to the high machining quality, as it virtually eliminates all effects of chips generated during machining.

The cornerstone of the VL turning machines are a machine base of MINERALIT polymer concrete that guarantees a vibration resistant process, providing for excellent tool life and outstanding machining quality.

The pick-up spindle collects the workpieces from a lateral conveyor belt, transporting them the short distance to the machining area to ensure short chip-to-chip times. The machining process is highly flexible, allowing for the use of a large variety of tools. Machines are easily interlinked and the integration of a Y-axis in the turret allows for the “off-center” machining of more complex geometries.


VL DUO Series – Multi-Spindle Machines for High-Productive Manufacturing of Chucked Parts

The VL DUO turning machines combine the technological developments of recent years, including pick-up automation and the TrackMotion automation system, to the modular basic design of the cnc machine – and creates an extremely efficient production system offering maximum productivity with minimal space requirements.

Like every EMAG modular turning machine, the VL DUO multi-spindle machines are equipped with their own parts storage unit and a pick-up spindle for each work area.
The work areas are mirror images of each other, but each has their own working spindle. These spindles have the power for fast and precise cnc machining. Each work area features a tool turret with 12 tool positions, which can be loaded with driven tools as well as non-rotating lathe tools.

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