RoboJob has been building accessible and user-friendly solutions for the automation of CNC-controlled turning and milling machines since 2007. These robot applications can significantly increase the output, flexibility and efficiency of machinery. RoboJob was founded by Helmut De Roovere and Luc De Ceuster in 2007 and the company has since grown into an international market leader. Today, RoboJob has already installed more than 1,000 robots at home and abroad, and at the beginning of 2020, the company opened a Technology Centre in Lehrensteinsfeld, Germany. Nowadays CNC automation is more relevant than ever. RoboJob has the most extensive portfolio in CNC automation available to its customers, and by far the most experience in installation and service.

RoboJob: Discover the benefits of CNC automation

The manufacturing industry you are in today looks completely different than it did 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. Your customers are becoming more demanding when it comes to delivery times, quality and price. Today you are no longer competing with your neighbour or a local company, but in an international market.

However, your costs are constantly rising. Larger series or orders are rare and technically trained staff is hard to find.  

So we have to do things differently. We originate from a machining background ourselves. With more than 30 years of experience in CNC turning and milling and 50 years of experience in mechanical engineering, your challenges are also our challenges.  

With user-friendly and easily accessible automation, you can make your business profitable again, even for small or medium-sized batches. With the right RoboJob automation, you can get many more spindle hours out of your machines, even with your existing machines.  

Physically demanding and boring tasks can be perfectly taken over by a robot. You can finally use your employees where their real added value lies: programming machines, optimising processes or coaching less experienced colleagues.

We know what we are talking about. RoboJob has already installed more than 1,000 robots at home and abroad. No one can keep up with that.  

RoboJob offers you the most comprehensive range of standard products for the automation of your CNC machine. What sets us apart is the simplicity with which these robots can be operated: Even people without any knowledge of robotics can get started with our automation. 

Don't wait any longer to secure the future of your business. Contact us today.

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