From 5-axis to large format milling centers designed for the aerospace and energy sectors, there is a HURCO CNC machine for nearly every application. The flagship VMX line is the workhorse of 3-axis CNC machining centers. The TMX, TMM, and TM lines includes a range of CNC turning centers with chuck sizes up to 455 mm and mill turn machines that support the “done in one” philosophy (all machining processes are done in one machine). Whether you are turning, milling, doing 2D parts or 3D parts, HURCO CNC machine tools, equipped with a integrated control, let you get down to the business of making chips faster than any other CNC machine tool.

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HURCO Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Gewerbestraße 5 a
85652 Pliening

Hurco TMM 8i

CNC lathe

Year of manuf.: 2014
Control: Max 5

Hurco TMX 8MYi

CNC lathe

Year of manuf.: 2016
Control: Max 5


3-axis machining center

Year of manuf.: 2019
Control: Heidenhain TNC 640