Mazak QT250MSY


The combination of the MAZAK QT250MSY Turning Center with the Robojob TA20/200 Automation offers an advanced solution for highly automated manufacturing environments that require utmost precision and efficiency. The MAZAK QT250MSY is distinguished by its multi-axis technology, which allows for the processing of complex parts in just a single pass. Coupled with the built-in Y-axis and a counter spindle, the machine is ideally suited for precise drilling and milling operations on both sides of the workpiece.

The integration of the Robojob TA20/200 Automation extends these capabilities by enabling automated workpiece handling for continuous production. This increases flexibility and productivity, while the intuitive control ensures easy operation even for less experienced users.

This combination is ideal for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical technology, which demand fast, accurate, and repeatable production. The MAZAK QT250MSY, in conjunction with the Robojob TA20/200 Automation, represents a valuable investment for companies looking to enhance their production efficiency and quality.

Product code92-000501
Manufacturer Mazak
TypeCNC lathe
ControlMazatrol SmoothG
Year of manuf.2022

Technical Data

Turning diameter max. 380 mm
Turning length 1,000 mm
Movement X-axis 234 mm
Movement Y-axis ยฑ 100 mm
Movement Z-axis 1,090 mm
Swing diameter max. 695 mm
Roboter Robojob TA20/200 Automation
Roboter Payload 20 kg
Speed 4,000 rpm
Power 26 kW
Torque 465 Nm
Spindle bearing ร˜ 91 mm
Bar capacity 80 mm
Spindel nose A2-8
Speed 6,000 U/min
Power 11 kW
Torque 90 Nm
Revolver 12-stations VDI
Speed live tools 5,000 rpm
Max. power live tools 6 kW
Max. torque live tools 47 Nm
Chipmanagement Chip conveyor
Coolant supply Coolant pump 15 bar
Clamping device main spindle Kitagawa 10"
Clamping device sub spindle Kitagawa 6"
Tool holder package included


  • Y-Axis
  • Subspindel
  • driven tools
  • Chip conveyor
  • Coolant supply
  • tool holder package
  • Automation / Roboter
  • incl. clamping device
  • Tool measurement
  • high pressure coolant