Mazak CV5-500

5-Axis machining center (DEMO MACHINE)

The Mazak CV5-500 5-axis machining center epitomizes a superb blend of precision, dynamics, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking an economical solution for complex 5-axis machining requirements. Now offered as a demonstration machine at an attractive price-performance ratio, this unit stands out for its high-quality workmanship and reliability, characteristics that Mazak customers have come to expect.

Equipped with advanced simultaneous 5-axis machining capabilities, the CV5-500 facilitates efficient and precise manufacturing of intricate components. This versatility makes it perfectly suited for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medical technology. The machine boasts a powerful and stable spindle, ensuring exceptional surface finish and accuracy in machining.

A key feature of the CV5-500 is its integrated automation system. This system not only enhances efficiency by minimizing downtime and maximizing spindle operation but also allows for straightforward, user-friendly operation. The machine is equipped with advanced control technology, enabling intuitive programming and monitoring of machining processes, further optimizing production workflows.

Despite its advanced technology and capabilities, the CV5-500 is noted for its compact design, making it an ideal solution for workshops with limited space. This demonstration machine, in excellent condition, thus offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to expand or modernize their manufacturing capabilities without compromising on space or budget.

In summary, the Mazak CV5-500 5-axis machining center is a high-precision, dynamic, and economical solution for demanding manufacturing tasks. With its advanced technology combined with an attractive price-performance ratio, this demonstration machine represents a valuable investment for any company looking to enhance its productivity and manufacturing quality.

Product code92-000529
Manufacturer Mazak
Type5-Axis machining center
ControlMazatrol Smooth X
Year of manuf.2023

Technical Data

Speed 18,000 rpm
Taper HSK - A 63
Toolmagazine 180 Stations
Movement X 730 mm
Movement Y 450 mm
Movement Z 470 mm
B-axis resolution 0.0001 degree
Swivel range B-Axis 220° (±110°)
Swivel range C-Axis 360°
Workpiece loading and unloading system Indumatic-Ultralight 100
Palette 8 Pcs.
Palette size 320mm x 320mm x 40mm
Chip management Chip conveyor
Coolant management inner coolant supply 15 bar


  • Chip conveyor
  • Coolant supply
  • Oilmistextraction
  • Automation / Roboter
  • Air through spindle
  • 5-axis simultaneous
  • B-axis
  • Workpiece measurement
  • Tool measurement
  • high pressure coolant