Chiron FZ 12 S five axis

5-Axis machining center (DEMO MACHINE)

The Chiron FZ 12 5-axis machining center represents a pinnacle in the development of precise and high-dynamic machine tools. This advanced machine is specifically designed for complex machining processes, incorporating cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to achieve optimal results on a wide range of materials. A standout feature of the Chiron FZ 12 is its 5-axis simultaneous machining, which allows for the precise crafting of complex geometries. This technology offers the critical advantage of being able to work on workpieces from various perspectives without the need for re-clamping, significantly boosting both productivity and machining quality.

The high dynamics of the Chiron FZ 12 is another key element, especially beneficial in series production. The rapid movements of the machine's axes help reduce machining times. At the same time, the machine guarantees exceptional precision, particularly important for complex and detail-rich parts. This high level of accuracy ensures that the finished parts meet the exact specifications.

Another impressive feature of the Chiron FZ 12 is its extremely fast tool changer, one of the fastest in its class. This reduces the machine's downtime considerably, thus enhancing its efficiency. The versatility of the machining center makes it a valuable asset across various industries. It is suitable for a broad range of materials, highlighting its flexibility.

Not to be overlooked is the user-friendliness and easy maintenance of the Chiron FZ 12, which help to lower operating costs and contribute to the machine's longevity. In summary, the Chiron FZ 12 5-axis machining center is an excellent choice for companies looking for an efficient, precise, and versatile solution for their manufacturing needs. Its combination of speed, accuracy, and flexibility makes it an indispensable machine in any modern manufacturing environment.

Product code92-000527
Manufacturer Chiron
ModelFZ 12 S five axis
Type5-Axis machining center
ControlSiemens 840 D SL
Year of manuf.2023

Technical Data

Speed 15,000 rpm
Power 40 kW
Taper HSK-A 63
Tool magazine 32 Stations
Movement X 550 mm
Movement Y 400 mm
Movement Z 400 mm
Swivel angle +/- 120
System accuracy +/- 5''
Speed 50 rpm
Clamping surface 280 mm
System accuracy +/- 5''
Technology Torque-motor
Speed 200 rpm
Coolant supply Inner coolant 30 bar
Workpiece measurement Blum
Tool measurement Renishaw
Software Kinematics Fit


  • Chip conveyor
  • Coolant supply
  • Oilmistextraction
  • Linear scale
  • spindle cooling
  • KinematicsOpt
  • 5-axis simultaneous
  • Workpiece measurement
  • Tool measurement
  • high pressure coolant