HAHN-KOLB Absorber cabinet

Accessories (Accessories new)

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Chips and droplets are vacuumed from the interior of the container. This way, the absorber cabinet ensures clean floors and air. Ideal for any workplace where workpieces and tools must be kept clean.
Delivered will be ready for use with connection for compressed-air quick-release coupling (plug-in nipple DN 7.2), incl. compressed-air gun and hose.

Product code100-50058003
Manufacturer HAHN-KOLB
ModelAbsorber cabinet
ConditionAccessories new
Price ¹1.350,00 €

Technical Data

Height 1300 mm
Width 500 mm
Depth 500 mm
Working height 850 mm
Load-carrying capacity of grating 50 kg
Clear opening width 425 mm
Clear opening depth 480 mm
Min./max. working pressure 5-10 bar
Min./max. sound-pressure-level 60-70 dB
Colour Anthracite grey RAL 7016
Surface Powder-coated
Gross Weight 41 kg
Stable and sturdy sheet steel housing with built-in injection system (operated with compressed air) and collection container. The compressed-air gun and the injection system are actuated with a foot valve attached on the front side, so that only as much compressed air as required for the cleaning is consumed. The parts to be cleaned are simply blown off on the grating with the compressed-air gun. Portable like a sack truck with two wheels on the rear side. The injector system extracts all contamination downwards into a collection container which must be emptied on a regular basis
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