Schröder PowerBend Professional 3200

Swivel bending machine (New machine)

Product code92-000450
Manufacturer Schröder
ModelPowerBend Professional 3200
TypeSwivel bending machine
ConditionNew machine
ControlSonstige POS Professional
Year of manuf.2023

Technical Data

Control POS 2000 Professional
Maintenance remote maintenance
add. function Radius Step Bending function
Effective length 3,240 mm
Sheet thickness (400 N/mm²) 3.0 mm
Machine weight 6,700 kg
Drive 2x2.2kW
Hub 350 mm
Upper flange geometry 48°
Tool clamping hydraulic (WZS 2000)
Drive 2x2,2 kW
Manual folding beam adjustment motor-driven 150 mm
Tool clamping pneumatically (WZS 15100)
Central crowning motor-controlled
Bottom beam one-piece 1,100 N/mm², hardened surfaces
Minimum stop 10 mm
Supporting table till 1,600 mm
Gauge finger pneumatic lowerable
Supporting table with balls
Rotary ball spindle +/- 0,1 mm