The excellent showcase for your machines

Our concept is based on providing manufacturers or distributors of machines tools with a platform they can use to expand their existing sales channels. By making use of our infrastructure, they can save on the costs of renting their own showrooms or hiring additional staff to organize and carry out product demonstrations. An added advantage is the convenient location of our CNC Outlet Center in Olching near Munich.
  • Rent one of the display areas in our attractively designed showroom, where you are at liberty to present your products as you choose.
  • Allow our experienced demonstrators to show customers how your machines perform in real-life applications.
  • Advertise your machines via one of our many marketing channels (internet site, newsletter with over 35,000 subscribers, press releases, etc.)

Your benefits

Trade shows and other events held at our conveniently located Center attract large numbers of visitors and an international audience
Generation of increased sales by addressing a wider market, both locally and on an international scale
Higher product visibility, leading to greater market penetration