Our international sales and marketing platform

Are you a manufacturer or supplier of machine tools?

As well as offering attractive showroom space, we will buy your machines and offer them for sale – even if it’s only a single machine. Whatever your requirements, you can always rely on us to obtain the best deal. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Immediate purchase – we buy your machines for resale

Whether it’s machines from surplus production or discontinued model ranges, demonstration models or stock machines, lease returns or sales returns: the CNC Outlet Center will buy the machines you don’t want to sell through your existing sales channel, without any intermediaries and at an agreed fixed price.

Consignment – we sell your machines on commission

Obtain the maximum possible selling price. The CNC Outlet Center accepts your machines for sale on consignment. You save on warehouse space and retain ownership of the machines until we have sold them to the end customer.

Your benefits

Acquiring new customers

By displaying your machines in the CNC Outlet Center, they will also be seen by customers who have not come across your products before. In this way, we can help you make contact with this additional target group.

Safeguarding your pricing structure

When selling demonstration machines or machines from discontinued model ranges, manufacturers often have to give large discounts. By selling through the CNC Outlet Center, you can retain the existing discount structure for your products.