RoboJob Pallet-Load Double

Accessories (Accessories new)

Together with our customers, we have developed this simple but clever concept in co-engineering.  The way it should be: with practical knowledge and an eye for every practical detail.  The result?  Automation that has never been so easy!  
You position the raw parts on a configurable pallet on which you can place both small and large workpieces.  The robot then loads these parts into the machine and places the finished parts back on a second wooden pallet.  This wooden pallet can be replaced by an optional aluminium pallet, which increases your capacity even further.

Product code150-0003
Manufacturer RoboJob
ModelPallet-Load Double
ConditionAccessories new
Price ¹130.000,00 €

Technical Data

Number of pallet positions 2
Number of configurable aluminium pallets 1
Minimum diameter of round workpieces 25 mm
Maximum diameter of round workpieces 400 mm
Minimum length of rectangular workpieces 25 mm
Maximum length of rectangular workpieces 400 mm
Electrical connection 380 VAC
Pneumatic consumption < 100 L / min
Pallet size 700 x 800
Pallet size 1,200 x 800
Payload 12 kg / 7 kg net
Payload 25 kg / 19 kg net
Payload 35 kg / 29 kg net
Payload 70 kg / 46 kg net
Payload 100 kg / 70 kg net
Payload 165 kg / 117 kg net
Protection with light barrier
Protection with separate grid wall
Protection with separate transparent wall
Protection with sliding doors