RoboJob Turn-Assist 270 i

Accessories (Accessories new)

The Turn-Assist 270 i is the best-selling model in the Turn-Assist series.  This standard automation has been equipped with a servo-driven table.  This gives you a surprisingly high capacity in a very limited space.  As with all models in the Turn-Assist series, the table can be quickly configured for a wide range of workpiece diameters.  With this model you can automate your workpieces up to a diameter of 270 mm. 

Product code150-0002
Manufacturer RoboJob
ModelTurn-Assist 270 i
ConditionAccessories new
Price ¹130.000,00 €

Technical Data

Minimum diameter of the workpieces 25 mm
Maximum diameter of the workpieces 270 mm
Minimum width of the side for hexagonal workpieces 25 mm
Maximum width of the side for hexagonal workpieces 200 mm
Maximum stacking height 2 x 350 mm
Maximum stacking weight 2 x 450 kg
Width of the automation 1,902 mm
Depth of the automation 740 mm
Height of the automation 2,202 mm
Total weight of the automation 1,000 kg
Electrical connection 380 VAC
Pneumatic consumption < 100 L / min
Payload 25 kg / 19 kg net
Payload 35 kg / 28 kg net
Protection with laser scanner
Protection with integrated wall
Protection with light barrier
Protection with separate grid wall
Protection with separate transparent wall
Protection with sliding doors